Thursday, 7 May 2009


So I've decided to start running. I'm basically quite thin but I've got a bit of a pot belly and this hit home the other day when I was having troubles finding a suit jacket that fitted my slim shoulders without being stretched across my gut. So yesterday I ventured into a sports shop and kitted myself out. I think I now know how my friend Shane feels when he goes into a delicatessen.

So anyway, off I ran. Wearing trainers that aren't Converse/Converse imitation (for the first time since The Strokes released This Is It), and tracky bottoms (for the first time since ummm... primary school).

Week 1 on my training schedule is 1-1-2-2-1-1 with 2 minutes of fast walking between each section of running. It doesn't sound like much but my fitness is basically at about 0%, so the 2 minute stretches were a bit of a push. Did it though, so that's something! I even sorted my route out so that the final 1 minute stretch was uphill! AND I was carrying extra weight because I had my work clothes stuffed into a rucksack. Go me.

My leg aches a little bit now. Knee feels fine though. That's what I was mainly worried about. Well, that and bumping into someone I know. Which also didn't happen. Another small victory.

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