Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Pizza Slice: Cafe Citta

Cafe Citta's biggest boast is that they have Cardiff's only wood burning pizza oven, countering the claims made by the gas burning 0 Degrees and Prezzo. So obviously I've been itching to go since I noticed it opening a few months ago. I wasn't sat close enough to the oven to see it exactly, but there was definitely wood smoke in the air as I ordered a ham and mushroom. Unfortunately it wasn't a stone oven, but some kind of metal one, so the oven can't sustain the fierce 400 degree heat of a proper pizza oven - no 90 second pizzas here, but it was still one of the best pizzas I've had in Cardiff. Nice base, slightly charred (though not blistered), and crisp at the edge. What really sang though was the quality of the ham. Not sure exactly what sort of pig it came from, but it was really tasty. The service was a bit slow as the oven isn't big enough to cope with the demand of a full restaurant in which everyone wants pizza. Which was a shame, but the pizza we were presented with was worth the wait I suppose. The side salad that came with it wasn't particularly great, and I've had better coffee as well, but I'd still be happy to return.


  1. I've eaten at Cafe Citta and you are mistaken, if you'd looked you would have seen the oven is made of clay, which the pizza chef feeds with logs maintaining the temperature needed for the pizza to cook within a few minutes. For me and my friends this is the best place to eat in cardiff- great food, friendly service and fantastic coffee.

  2. Thanks for this. I'll go there, if only for the ham it's a MUST.

  3. Shanklehook, thanks for the clarification. As I said, wasn’t really close enough to get a full look at the oven, so I’m more than happy to be wrong on this one. It really was one of the best pizzas I’ve had in Cardiff, and I’m sure I’ll go back in the future.

    Carl, it’s really great. Go!

  4. i visited cafe citta for a leaving party there were 15 of us and we all had starters mains and a few fatties had pudding, the serive was amazing, fast but relaxed, the prices are low and if thats not enough to get you back the huge protions are!
    caffe citta is a must!
    one of the best places i have ever eaten out in. the family based business shines through all chain resturants!
    i have been back many times and would 100% say the best italian resturant in cardiff if not the whole of the uk!
    thanks for a brillinat send off for my friends
    lauren cardiff