Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Amazon Recommends - 24/03/2009

I’m a bit obsessed with Amazon Recommendations. Here is my Top 15 ‘things’ that Amazon.co.uk reckons I should spend money on (and my ‘thoughts’ on each one).

#1 - Generation Kill - Complete HBO Series [DVD] – I will definitely be buying this at some point. Because, like everyone else on the internet, I loved The Wire.
#2 - Homicide: Life on the Street - Season 1 [DVD] – More Wire related. I’m curious to see this. Found the Homicide: A Year On The Killing Streets book really fascinating.
#3 - Netherland by Joseph O'Neill [Book] – I think this won an award or something. It’s about someone playing cricket in New York (and probably Nine-Eleven).
#4 - 30 Rock - Season 1 - Complete [DVD] – I caught the first couple episodes of this on one of the Channel 5 spin-offs. It seemed quite amusing. Would like to watch.
#5 - Dark Was The Night: Red Hot Compilation [CD] – has a couple of ‘exclusive’ tracks by bands I like on. The National. Arcade Fire. Probably some other people.
#6 - Gomorrah [DVD] – All the reviews for this said it was ace and really brutal and non-glamorising (uglifying?) and generally Worth Watching.
#7 - Generation Kill by Evan Wright [book] – If it wasn’t for the Wire connection I probably wouldn’t be interested in this. Will watch the series first and then see.
#8 - Fuckin A - The Thermals [CD] – I have the other albums on vinyl (and the new one on ‘t-shirt’). I want this on vinyl. I can’t find it on vinyl for less than £40!
#9 - Saint Dymphna - Gang Gang Dance [CD] – I don’t really know anything about these. Bloggy hype. Plan B cover stars.
#10 - In Ear Park - Department of Eagles [CD] – I saw Grizzly Bear once. It was good actually. I never investigated further, and so I’ve not heard this off-shoot either.
#11 - Tonight: Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand [CD] – Used to love ‘the Franz’. Quite liked the comeback single too. Not bothered at all about this. Might even tick it as ‘not interested’.
#12 - Where You Been: Remastered & Expanded - Dinosaur Jr [CD] – This Band Could Be My Life. Will get round to buying this eventually I’m sure.
#13 - The Corner (HBO Mini Series) [DVD] – More from the Wire family tree. I’ve got the book on pre-order already.
#14 - Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates [book] – Classic Book. Not really interested in it. I’m judging that purely on the film trailer, which seemed to be 2 people being miserable in a house.
#15 - Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Pains Of Being Pure At Heart [CD] – More bloggy hype. Another band I’m mentally cataloguing under “A Bit Like Vivian Girls”. They probably sound nothing like Vivian Girls.

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